Why Team Sports are Important for Kids

As a parent, it is our responsibility to provide our kids with everything they might need; basics such as food, clothing, shelter and, of course, a good education, are all essentials for a growing child. Any form of sport is beneficial to children, as daily exercise helps the growing body and team sports offer far more in the way of personal development.

Here are just a few of the benefits that your child can derive from playing a team sport.

  • Leadership Qualities – While it is true that leadership is something you are born with, team sports certainly provide an arena for leadership qualities to be explored and developed. Team captains tend to be those who offer support to other players and if your son or daughter had what it takes to be a leader, this will become apparent when playing in any team. If, for example, you wanted to enroll your child in a football training school, Smile Football Club offers boys and girls the chance to get involved in football in a team environment and if they have leadership qualities, they will be developed accordingly.
  • The Common Goal – In many ways, a team sport mirrors real life situations, as when you work for a company, when the common goal is to make the business successful. When playing in a team, you might not be the one who receives the glory, but by doing your bit, the team wins the game. This teaches the youngster to combine their skills with those of the other players in order to defeat the opposing team, while also promoting fair play policies, which are essential for all team sports. Click here for tips on teaching children how to be mindful, something we often overlook.
  • Discipline – While your child might prefer to play online games than to attend training, his high regard for the team will not allow such things. When you are playing a role in a team, it is vital that you take care of your particular duties, which might be marking strikers or providing assists and the discipline empowers the character. Once a teenager sees the results of hard work and dedication, this sticks with them and gives the motivation needed for other life challenges.
  • Morals and Ethics – Sports are a great way to focus on morality and ethic practices; playing to the rules, especially when that favours the opposition and every team manager would emphasise fair play, while also embracing all ethnic groups, regardless of creed or colour. The way we should accept defeat and learn from our mistakes to develop the team, when we are on the losing side of an important game, this instils a degree of moral and ethical values. Helping a fallen opponent is very much respected and accepting a loss in a positive manner is also encouraged. Click here for more reading on fair play in sports.

If your son or daughter is showing an interest in football, for example, search online for local football academies and see whether or not they are accepting players. Your child will thoroughly enjoy the sport and will also develop in the ways mentioned in this article.