Why Kids Need Omega 3’s in Their Diets

Sure, we all give our kids multi-vitamins, but many of us don’t consider giving them additional supplements. We figure that can come later in life when their bodies slow down on producing the nutrients they need.

But additional nutrients we should consider adding to their dietary routines are omega 3’s.

Omega 3’s provide health benefits that children can use as they grow. Research has shown that they may improve childhood health conditions, promote better sleep, and boost brain health.

Read on to find out more about why you should consider adding omega 3’s to your child’s supplement intake.

4 Reasons Why Kids Need Omega 3’s in Their Diets

May Improve ADHD

ADHD is a condition characterized by low attention span, hyperactivity, and difficulty focusing. Although ADHD can occur in adults, symptoms are usually more pronounced in children.

Studies have shown that adding omega 3’s to the diet can improve memory attention and learning while reducing hyperactivity. Moreover, many of these same studies show omega3’s and other dietary changes are the most effective ways to treat ADHD.

Reduces Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory condition that produces symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. It affects both children and adults but it is often a childhood condition.

Studies have shown that taking omega 3’s and other types of fish oil can reduce symptoms of asthma and may even prevent it in some children.

Promotes Better Sleep

We all know that expression “sleep like a baby,” but children can have difficulty sleeping too. In fact, nearly 4% of children under the age of 18 experience sleep disturbances on a regular basis.

Studies have linked sleep disturbances to lower levels of omega 3’s and found that adding the supplement can reduce disturbances and help children sleep up to one extra hour a night. Other research has shown that when women consume omega 3’s during pregnancy, their infants experience better sleep patterns.

Boosts Brain Health

We all know how important brain development is at a young age.

Studies have shown that omega 3’s can improve learning, memory, and brain development. They may increase activation of the prefrontal cortex improving attention, impulse control, and planning skills.

Taking the Right Omega 3’s is Important

As with any supplement, you want to make sure the omega 3’s you are taking are as pure as possible. That way you know you will get the results you are looking for without any added impurities

Nordic Naturals is a brand dedicated to producing high quality fish oil products. They manufacture Children’s DHA Gummies you can count on.  

Nordic Naturals Children’s Gummies contain 600 mg of omega-3’s that support brain development and learning. They are offered in a triglyceride molecular form for optimal absorbency. They come in a delicious tropical flavor and fun gummy texture with zero sugar.

We all want our children to enjoy the best health possible. Adding omega-3’s to their diet will boost their brain health, improve sleep and reduce the symptoms of certain childhood conditions. How will you be introducing them into your child’s diet?