Becoming a mother is a huge step in life that will lead to many of life’s most meaningful moments. Choosing to breastfeed will shield your child from sicknesses and will give basic supplements such as protein, fat, sugar, and water that urges children to be healthy and strong.  Many companiesContinue Reading

This summer may be challenging for some. It’s likely kids are going to be stuck in their houses without much to do. Parents will be faced with coming up with activities to keep them entertained. If your child enjoys being artistic and creative, there is a solution. Crafts can keepContinue Reading

When Lorina Troy’s second son, JJ, was born, she had no idea there was any potential problem with her child. She did not know that an ultrasound near the end of her pregnancy had shown JJ’s head to be two weeks larger than normal. No doctor mentioned there being anyContinue Reading